Morphine Hydrochloride 1,0g (one gram)
Dissolve in Glandomed®      500ml
Ad hydrochloric acid 10%     2,0ml  for pH adjustment

The pH of the ready to use solution is about 6.5 to 7.0
The examination of the pH value with the indicator paper MERCK (pH 1-10) is sufficient exact.
was examined by Klaus Schmelzer by means of HPLC. The stability after 4 weeks storage at room temperaure is approximatitly 98-99%. It is recommended to use the solution within four weeks after preparation.


This solution is used in case of strong and strongest mouth pain or sores.
For rinsing 15 ml of the solution (=30mg morphine hydrochloride) can be taken 4 times a day. Keep the solution 2 minutes in your mouth and then spit it out. Do not drink it.
For toxic reasons the bottles are to be provided with a child-safe catch.


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Glandomed® - Morphine 0,2%
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