Compounding with Glandomed

Mouth sores and dryness can be avoided or moderated by medication additives like lidocaine, morphine or pilocarpine to the Glandomed® mouth rinse.
Lidocaine HCl 0,1% or tetracaine HCl 0,02%
in case of moderate or heavy pain Glandomed® mouth rinse containing lidocaine hydrochloride or tetracaine hydrochloride is well established and effective.
Morphine HCl 0,2%
in case of very strong pain mouth rinses containing morphine hydrochloride are recommended in the literature
Pilocarpine HCL 0,05%
in case of mouth dryness oral pilocarpine stimulates mouth saliva. Pilocarpine mouth rinsing solutions are described in the literature. For mouth rinse, take 15 ml (one spoon full) of the solutions and keep it for two minutes in the mouth. Then spit it. Subsequently do not rinse your mouth with water, eat or drink for 15 minutes.
The solutions with morphine and pilocarpine are to be provided with
child-safe catches, because inadvertent drinking of all contents of the bottles could have heaviest to deadly consequences
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