Understanding mucositis - acting specifically

Mucositis, the inflammation of the oral mucous membrane, can appear as a side effect in many cancer therapies. An effective mucositis prophylaxis and therapy is to be aimed for in any cancer treatment. This helps patients tolerate and continue cancer therapy and improve healing.
The recommendations, which are given on these pages, result from a clinical care of cancer patients over many years. Many physicians, nurses and therapists participated.
Mucositis begins with the first cancer treatment, even if we do not observe the beginning redness of the oral mucous membranes at this time yet. A cancer treatment is directed to cells which have a high rate of proliferation and regerneration. This is typical for malignant cells but also for the mucous membrane cells. That is why mucosits could result as side effect of a chemo- and/or radiotherapy.
Mucositis - prophylaxis should begin promptly. Patients, who get our standardized mouth care programs, clearly suffer less from mucositis than do patients without.

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